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What ArduinoParts IS:

  • A place to discuss and collect information about electronics parts (and mechanical parts??) for use with Arduino (
  • A place to define lists of "Parts Sets"
  • A place to discuss and arrange sourcing of "Parts Sets"

We plan to make one or more sets of parts available at low cost from the Shenzhen, China Marketplace.

Just Stuff grabbed from Wherever: (Please add your suggestions!)

  • parts to make standalone arduino circuits - 16MHz crystals, 22 pf caps, 0.1uf, 10K resistor, etc (Also good ATMEGA328 source??)
  • DIPs are easier to work with, but lately I've been picking up surface mount adapters as well,
  • Some perfboard to build circuits on is handy once you get past the breadboard stage
  • some shift-in & shift-out registers (or one that can be connected to do both, like 74AC299, and with good current support),
  • single LED, tri-color LEDs, matrix LED,
  • high current driver that can support row or column multiplexing of same,
  • discrete transistors for relay drives for higher wattage projects,
  • current limit resistors, an
  • LCD screen,
  • decoupling caps (0.1uF, same as 100nF)
  • larger DC blocking caps passing AC thru (like 220uF),
  • efficient switching voltage regulator, some
  • push buttons.
  • 830 point solderless breadboard.
  • Small piece of perfboard to move a project on to.
  • ATMega328 in DIP package,
  • 16MHz crystal, 22pF caps, 10K resistor to install on the perfboard for the standalone project. Socket strip to plug the atmega onto so it can be removed for re-programming.
  • Header strips for connecting wires to go off board (power or buttons or whatever).
  • Logic level MOSFETs and speaker for noise.
  • Maybe an dual op amp.
  • ESD box to keep it all in.
  • a pile of NPN transistors for LED drivers, a
  • ULN2003 (7-bit Darlington current sink) or ULN2803 (8-bit version)
  • mechanical parts/enclosures ,
  • connectors,
  • wire-cable
  • tools!